Press Kit

Fact Sheet


A VR game where you throw boomerangs at kangaroos that are trying to steal your beer! Cook and bring drinks to your mates, but don't forget to defend your BBQ from those pesky kangaroos!

Main mechanics

Boomerang throwing (duh)
Cooking and serving


A campaign mode with at least 15 levels
3 boss fights
An endless arcade mode
Lovely Annoying Australian Fauna
Beer skins
Boomerang skins
Vegetarian BBQ alternatives
Non-Alcoholic drink alternatives


The game is still in development and most of the visual aspects of the game will be improved, but the core mechanics will be as presented in the the screenshots and gifs.

We have also never created a press kit before! So feel free to let us know what else we may add here!

About us

We are a couple of Portuguese biomedical engineers, and in January of 2021 Diogo quit his job and decided to work full-time on Beers and Boomerangs while InĂªs works part-time. We are both generalists and will try to do most of the code, music and art by ourselves.